Video Management Systems
All Classified Security Packages include a yearly maintenance service that enables camera viewing of
multiple cameras and sites.

Monitoring services are based on one simple truth: the only thing better than a person on site is a
person watching the site from a remote location. Providing a pair of eyes to keep a close watch,
protecting your assets.

We don't just watch from our state of the art command center, we have the ability for Two-Way Audio
Communication with the secured location. We are able to warn and deter unauthorized visitors that
either a guard or the police have been dispatched.

Easy to Use
Designed with top usability in mind. All daily operations are executed through a single user interface.
Control cameras, view live or playback video, and create evidence material instantly. Moves, adds and
changes are simple!

Scalable Beyond Limits
Supports unlimited cameras, servers and users. Installations can grow and expand simply by adding
more hardware.

Cost-effective Management
Using Classified Security interfaces, eliminates many manual and error-prone tasks. Configuration
and management of devices in groups further saves time and ensures system consistency. It
streamlines the entire management process.

Proven, Reliable and High Performance
We can provide live video verification of an alarm event. Visual confirmation that a tripped alarm has
been activated through unauthorized activity or by a stray animal is the difference between a burglar
caught and a wasted resource.

Alarm monitoring means that when there is an alarm event, our guards and control room are waiting
and ready to respond to whatever the situation requires.